Sculptures and Prospers


The Prospers (dovecotes) are made of wood (waterproof plywood) with a bronze top. The size varies from 30 cm to 150 cm. The Prospers are placed on a metal pole. The wood is sawed out and glued layer by layer. For each Prosper a bronze crown is created.

Prospers at the exhibition SCULPTOUR  – 2014, Galerie Beukenhof  Kluisbergen, België

Sculptour 2014 - Prospers 4.500

Prospers at Interart, 2013

Prospers Interart 2013.500

Prospers in het Odapark, Venray

Prosper - Odapark

Uit Kunstbeeld : tentoonstelling in de Amsteltuin (2000)amsteltuin.500

Uit de NRC (22-4-2008): ‘de fantastische duiventillen van Aris de Bakker‘


Dada’s (2016)
Dada 4.500
Studio Westeinde

500-11 Atelier

Oost West Thuis Best – 13 sculptures for Volgerlanden , Hendrik Ido Ambacht (2007)
500-15 Rotonde H-I-A, 2007