Ice projects


In 1987 The University of Twente asked Aris de Bakker to realize his idea for a prism made of ice, which they judged to be a fitting representation of the symbiosis of Art and Technology. The Ice Prism, a full 3 meters in height, was placed in the Rijksmuseum of Twente. On a large screen behind the Prism the spectra of the the lichtbeams that the prism dispersed were projected. The melting of the ice continually changed the dispersion factor of the prism and the colours te be seen on the screen. This experiment aquainted Aris with a material of pure beauty, that he could depend on to destruct itself. A fascinating material that could be used as a metaphore for the transiency of life.

IJsprisma 500

In 1993 Aris realized the Marabout-project, an ice project in the North African desert. Three large ice shapes, called Marabouts were placed in the central square of Tramegroute, an oasis in the Sahara desert, and would stand there for 19 hours.

maraboutproject-1.500 maraboutproject-500

This ice project in Marocco was followed by many iceprojects in and outside Holland.

Gotische Vormen, Den Helder 4.500 Den Helder, 2015

Grote Ijsbeelden b 500 Schiedam, 2013

Drie-Gothische-Vormen,-Atri Den Haag, 2005

kunstcentrum zaanstad Zaanstad, 2000

Maraboutproject Petra 500 Tamegroute, Marokko1993

piramide 1 Den Haag, 1990

structure-with-prisms-asahikawa-japan-1989 Asahikawa, Japan, 1989